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Yahya Kassim Atta, NPP PC for Amasaman, Honors Late Manyɛ Naa Densua Onɔ I, Queen Mother of Abenehenease

Hon. Yahya Kassim Atta, the NPP Parliamentary Candidate for Amasaman Constituency, showcased his dedication to community engagement by attending the funeral of the late manyɛ Naa Densua Onɔ l, Queen Mother of Abehenease. Joined by party members and constituency executives, Hon. Atta’s presence honored the memory of a revered community leader, highlighting his reverence for tradition.

In addition to his attendance, Hon. Atta exemplified his commitment to supporting constituents in times of need by making a discreet monetary contribution to the bereaved family.

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This act of kindness not only provided practical assistance but also demonstrated his compassion and solidarity with the community.

Hon. Atta’s participation in the funeral and his generous gesture underscore his commitment to fostering strong ties with the people of Amasaman Constituency.

Beyond political ambitions, his actions reflect a genuine desire to uplift and support his constituents, embodying the principles of community and empathy.

As the NPP Parliamentary Candidate for Amasaman, Hon. Yahya Kassim Atta’s involvement in the late Queen Mother’s funeral exemplifies his dedication to serving the community and building a prosperous future for all.

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