Woman arrested for allegedly licking 5-month-old baby boy

Ghana Police Service Interdicts Officer for Allegations of Assault

A 28-year-old woman was arrested and dragged before the Chief for licking the penis of a 5-month-old baby at Ekumfi Narkwa in the Central Region’s Ekumfi District.

According to media reports, the woman Aya licked and stroked the penis of this little boy while he was sleeping.

In an interview with Maame Ekua, the mother of the boy, she stated that she was in her room when she was summoned to come and see what was going on.
She stated that she was astounded to see the video of the suspect licking her baby.The suspect is married to a prominent man in the Ekumfi Narkwa community and has three children.

After seeing the video, the people in the community questioned the lady, and she was hauled before the Chief and elders in the community to explain why she licked the boy’s penis.

Metro Lens

Some residents condemned the act, saying they’d never seen anything like it in their lives and urging authorities to take action against the woman.


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