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[Watch Video] Tragedy at Ada Estuary: Eight feared dead in boat accident

[Watch Video] Tragedy at Ada Estuary: Eight feared dead in boat accident

It is feared that eight individuals have died in Azizanya after allegedly drowning in the Ada estuary.

Strong winds are said to have caused the incident, which occurred on Saturday around 9:00am.

The dredging activities in the area have been blamed by residents of the Agbeve community, who claim that their fears have been confirmed.

According to these residents, the accident was caused by the flow velocity of increased water depth, which led to a recorded increase in incoming water volume into the estuary, making the underwater current heavier and swifter.

The nature of the vessel determines whether boats could be at the mercy of such currents.

Reports suggest that the boats used by the residents from the same community of Azizanya-Kewunor capsized due to overloading, and the residents who were on their way to a funeral at Kasseh in Ada did not have life jackets on.

A search is still ongoing for more people who are suspected to have drowned.

Survivors have reported that they alerted the sailor about the overload, but the boat was still loaded with over 60 passengers, despite being designed to carry only about 25 people.

Unfortunately, the incident happened midway into the journey, resulting in the loss of eight individuals, including three children and two women. The sailor has been reportedly arrested to aid with the investigation.


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