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[WATCH VIDEO] Selina Boateng falls at Celestial Praiz concert.

[WATCH VIDEO] Selina Boateng falls at Celestial Praiz concert.

Selina Boateng, a Gospel musician, caused a commotion at the Celestial Praiz concert in Accra on March 6th, Monday. While enjoying the performance of her colleague musician, Piesie Esther, she became so immersed that she stood up to dance.

Everything was going smoothly at the 10th edition of the event until Selina Boateng decided to step up her dance moves.

Dancing goes wrong as Selina Boateng falls at 'Celestial Praiz'
Selena Boateng

Her attempt to sway her feet slightly to the rhythm of Piesie Esther turned out to be an unfortunate miscalculation, causing her to fall in front of the stage.

Some of the attendees hurried to assist the ‘Menku Meho’ hitmaker to get back on her feet, and the dancing resumed.

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Watch the video below:


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