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[Watch Video] Sad: ‘Egyptian Borga’ who was allegedly cursed by boyfriend dies

A 34-year-old Ama Diana who appeared on Oyerepa Afutuo show barely two weeks ago has been confirmed dead.

Appearing on the popular how, Friday, March 3 2023, Ama Diana recounted that, she left Ghana for Egypt in 2017 with the help of her boyfriend, Samuel Twumasi Darko.

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Diana said due to the demands of her job duties, she felt pressured by her boyfriend who was irritated by their lack of contact.

She said “At a point, he wanted to be snoopy about my life including a land I had purchased all because of the help he gave me. I sent him about GH₵2,700 and he was not forthcoming about it. I would have people call him and he will ask whether they know how I was able to travel.

“I got angry and I asked for a breakup which led to an exchange of words and in the process out of pain, he told me I will suffer,” she narrated.

Diana expressed that, she started noticing changes in her body in 2021 and had to come back home on the benevolence of the Ghanaian community in Egypt.

“Three months into 2021 I realised my stomach was bloating. I went for a scan and the doctor said I have a liver problem and that my womb is destroyed. I’ve been on admission to several hospitals after my return.

“I’ve had to sell the land I bought to take care of my sickness and now I am totally broke. Wherever I go, I am told the boy has something to do with my condition.”

She disclosed on the show that all efforts to reach Twumasi to beg for forgiveness had proven futile.

Watch the Video below

Meanwhile, the poor woman, (Ama Diana) has finally kicked the bucket.

Her sad demise according to her family happened early this week after falling sick for years due to an alleged malediction .



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