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WATCH VIDEO [JUST IN]: Gas Explosion in Bree Street – Johannesburg

WATCH: Gas Explosion in Bree Street - Johannesburg

The public has been urged to stay away from Bree Street in the Joburg CBD following an underground gas explosion.

According to Johannesburg Metro Police Department, the explosion occurred between Bree and Simmonds streets in the city centre.

Metro Lens

The area is a scene of chaos on Wednesday evening, with eyewitnesses taking to social media to share shocking video footage and images of large and deep cracks on the road.

Damaged and overturned cars can also be seen and dozens of stationary minibus taxis.

According to JMPD, emergency services are on the way to assess the situation, however, no fatalities have been reported as yet.

Traffic is at a standstill in the Johannesburg CBD following a major explosion on Bree Street.

Some taxis are overturned on the road, with law enforcement trying to close off the area.

The place still smells of gas, with police looking for any injured people in the area.

Bree Street is closed off to traffic, with taxis being directed to a different street.

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 Source: EWN

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