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Watch – The Seer and State Prophet makes wave again – Prophet Ogyaba

Watch - The Seer and State Prophet makes wave again - Prophet Ogyaba

Prophet Dr. Emmanuel Akwasi Boakye, affectionately known as Dr. Ogyaba, is a remarkable figure in the world of spiritual guidance and prophecy.

Born with a divine gift, he inherited his prophetic abilities from his mother, the renowned Archbishop Janet Serwaa, who founded the Holiness of Christ Zion Ministry.

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From an early age, it was evident that he had a special connection with the spiritual realm.

Dr. Ogyaba’s educational journey began at Kumasi T.I AMASS, where he received his senior education. Despite having opportunities to pursue various career paths, he chose to heed his calling as a prophet of God.

This decision marked the beginning of a journey filled with compassion, humility, and respect for his people and his country.

Throughout his life, Dr. Ogyaba has demonstrated a deep devotion to his faith and an unwavering commitment to serving others.

His prophetic ministry has been characterized by an immense sense of responsibility and care for those seeking spiritual guidance.

He believes in the power of collaboration and surrounds himself with like-minded individuals who share his passion for bringing positive change to people’s lives.

As the leader of his ministry, Dr. Ogyaba aims not only to offer spiritual insights but also to foster a sense of community and growth among his followers.

His teachings focus on understanding the word of God, believing in Him, and experiencing the prophetic power of faith.

Worship plays a significant role in his ministry, and he encourages his congregation to grow both spiritually and physically as they embark on their spiritual journey.

The impact of Dr. Ogyaba’s prophetic gift extends beyond his current generation. His genuine care for people and his dedication to empowering individuals have made him a blessing to countless lives.

His followers believe that he is not only a prophet but also a “Seer” – someone with a divine ability to perceive hidden truths and provide profound insights into the future.

Throughout his ministry, Dr. Ogyaba has gathered a devoted community of saints who have made a covenant with him through sacrifice.

This community shares in his vision and collectively seeks spiritual growth and enlightenment.

In addition to his spiritual endeavors, Dr. Ogyaba maintains a strong online presence with his contact information readily available for those seeking his guidance.

His dedication to serving with humility, respect, and compassion has earned him admiration and respect both within his community and beyond.

“The Seer and the State Prophet,” Prophet Dr. Emmanuel Akwasi Boakye prophetic gift and ministry have touched the lives of many, and his dedication to spiritual guidance and growth is an inspiration to all. May his legacy of compassion and service continue to impact generations to come. Long live the Seer!



Phone Number: +233 20 798 6538


FaceBook: Dr Ogyaba oberempong

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