JUST IN [WATCH] – The Methodist Church Ghana: METHOFEST 2023 Climaxes at Akyem Oda Diocese

JUST IN [WATCH] - The Methodist Church Ghana: METHOFEST 2023 Climaxes at Akyem Oda Diocese

The vibrant city of Akyem Oda Diocese, Ghana, was abuzz with excitement as the much-awaited METHOFEST 2023 kicked off on Tuesday, 1st August, 2023, at the St. Luke Cathedral.

This grand event, organized by The Methodist Church Ghana, brought together participants and delegates from various regions to celebrate and promote Religious Tourism while showcasing the nation’s rich cultural heritage.

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The opening day witnessed the arrival of participants and delegates, setting the stage for a week full of festivities.

The highlight of the event was the grand Launching of METHOFEST 2023, presided over by the esteemed Presiding Bishop of The Methodist Church Ghana.

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In his address, he emphasized the importance of Religious Tourism in fostering unity and understanding among people from diverse backgrounds and beliefs.

Throughout the week, attendees were treated to an array of captivating activities that highlighted Ghana’s beauty and cultural splendor.

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An Exhibition of cultural products provided a glimpse into the country’s artistic talent and traditional craftsmanship, showcasing Ghana’s distinct identity.

One of the most anticipated events was the talents show, where performers dazzled the audience with their artistic flair and creative expressions.

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This segment not only showcased the talents of the participants but also underlined the significance of preserving and cherishing Ghana’s rich cultural heritage for future generations.

Adding a touch of intellectual stimulation, a quiz competition was held, testing participants’ knowledge of Ghana’s history, traditions, and customs.

The competition was fierce, and the spirited participants from the Tarkwa Diocese emerged victorious, claiming the title of METHOFEST 2023 quiz winners.

As the days unfolded, the true essence of METHOFEST 2023 became apparent – to foster compassion and care for one another.

The sermon theme, “Give Them Something to Eat,” derived from a poignant biblical reference to the miraculous feeding of the multitude by Jesus, encapsulated the core message of the entire festival.

Rt. Rev. Isaac Kwame Boateng, the Bishop of the Akyem Oda Diocese, delivered an inspiring sermon during the thanksgiving service on the final day. He reflected on the traditional practice of extended families sharing meals and supporting one another, contrasting it with the self-centered approach prevalent in modern times.

He urged the congregation to cultivate a compassionate spirit and embrace opportunities to help those in need, even amidst the challenges of contemporary living.

His sermon emphasized the importance of selflessly availing oneself to be used by God in providing for others, just as Jesus did when he fed the hungry multitude with limited resources.

METHOFEST 2023 proved to be a resounding success in its mission to celebrate culture, promote Religious Tourism, and instill a sense of compassion and community among the people.

The Akyem Oda Diocese, as the host, deserves commendation for their excellent organization and execution of the event.

As the curtains fell on METHOFEST 2023, it left a lasting impact on all who attended. It served as a reminder of the beauty of Ghana’s cultural diversity and the importance of unity and empathy in today’s world.

The event’s success also highlights the potential of Religious Tourism in fostering cultural exchange and promoting the nation’s rich heritage on the global stage.

METHOFEST 2023 has once again demonstrated the power of culture, unity, and compassion to create meaningful connections among people.

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