WASSCE: Tension Erupts at Center in OPASS as Candidate Stripped Naked Over ‘Unprescribed’ Uniform by WAEC Official

2024 BECE and WASSCE Examination Dates Announced by Ghana Education Service

In a dramatic incident at the Ofori Panin Senior High School’s WAEC center in Akyem-Tafo, Eastern Region, a WASSCE candidate faced humiliation when accused of wearing an unauthorized uniform to the examination.

The candidate had donned a white shirt with brown khaki shorts, an outfit deemed unacceptable by a WAEC official. In a fit of anger, the official stripped the student of the khaki shorts, leaving only boxer shorts for the candidate to write the exams.

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This incident, which unfolded on Thursday, is just one among several cases of alleged intimidation and mistreatment reported by candidates at the center.

Some candidates, speaking anonymously to journalists overseeing the ongoing exams, lamented that certain WAEC officials were instilling fear by unjustly harassing them.

In a particularly disturbing incident, one official was accused of physically assaulting a student on suspicion of cheating. Moreover, there have been reports of masked individuals and armed police officers descending on the center, causing further unease among the candidates.

When approached for comment, the lead WAEC official on-site declined to provide any statements, redirecting journalists to seek clarification from higher authorities in Accra.

Concerned parents, whose children are participating in the examination, expressed dissatisfaction with the conduct of the officials.

They appealed to the Ministry of Education and the Ghana Education Service (GES) to intervene promptly, as such incidents could potentially impact the candidates’ performance.

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