WAEC intends to arrest candidates from private schools attempting to register for BECE at GES public schools.

WAEC Summons more than 2,000 Candidates over Exam Malpractice

The West African Examinations Council (WAEC) is intensifying its efforts to prevent the registration of unqualified candidates for school exams, especially the Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE).

Some parents collaborate with public schools to transfer their children from private schools so they can register and write the exams there.

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Additionally, certain parents collude with the heads of public and private schools to enroll their Junior High School (JHS) one or two students with the final year students of the registering school.

WAEC considers both of these practices as offenses and takes strict actions if caught.

Unqualified candidates face result annulment, while public schools are reported to the Ghana Education Service (GES) for disciplinary action, and private schools risk being de-recognized as exam centers.

In order to address these challenges, WAEC has adopted far-reaching measures.

The Head of National Office (HNO) of WAEC, Wendy Enyonam Addy-Lamptey, stated that they will implement a system of unique identification numbers for candidates based on data collected the previous year.

This means that only candidates with these unique numbers can be registered for the exams.

To combat examination malpractice during exams, WAEC will reintroduce the serialization of question papers, a measure first introduced last year.

Serialization prevents rogue websites from flooding their portals with supposed answers to objective questions because they cannot determine which version of the exam a candidate is using.

As a result, the activities of these rogue websites have decreased, although some still claim to have confirmed WAEC questions.

Mrs. Addy-Lamptey strongly advised candidates to steer clear of such dubious websites and WhatsApp platforms, as they can jeopardize their future by exposing them to the risk of having their exam papers or entire results cancelled.

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