VIDEO [SAD]: Tragic Road Accident Claims Lives of Two Students from Osino Presby Tech SHS

Truck and Mini-Bus Crash Claims 7 Lives on Amasaman - Nsawam Road

A devastating road accident on the Accra-Kumasi Highway has claimed the lives of two students from Osino Presbyterian Technical Senior High School, leaving the entire community in shock and mourning.

The tragic incident took place at Teacher Mante as the students were being transported from school to Accra. Eyewitnesses reported that the ill-fated Nissan Minibus, registered as GG 2071-21, was traveling at a high speed when one of its tires suddenly burst.

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The driver attempted to brake, but unfortunately, this caused the vehicle to overturn, resulting in a catastrophic outcome.

The absence of seat belts in the minibus proved to be fatal, as several students were forcefully ejected from the windows during the accident. Florence Anordjan and Ayeh Ruth, two promising students, tragically lost their lives instantly when the vehicle landed on them.

In addition to the fatalities, eleven other students sustained severe injuries in the accident and were promptly rushed to the Nsawam government hospital for urgent medical attention. They are currently receiving dedicated care from medical professionals who are tirelessly working to facilitate their recovery.

In the wake of this tragedy, the bodies of the deceased students have been transferred to the same hospital for autopsy and preservation as part of the investigative process.

This measure aims to shed light on the circumstances surrounding the tragic incident and bring closure to the grieving families.

The entire community, along with the school and local authorities, is deeply saddened by the loss and stands in solidarity with the affected families. Efforts are underway to provide emotional and practical support to all those affected by this heart-wrenching event.

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