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[VIDEO] Crisis on the Road from Etsi to Donkorkrom in Kwahu Afram Plains – E/R

[VIDEO] Crisis on the Road from Etsi to Donkorkrom in Kwahu Afram Plains - E/R

For years, the residents of Etsi and Donkorkrom in the Kwahu Afram Plains of Ghana have been grappling with the deplorable condition of the road that connects their communities. Despite the region’s rich cultural heritage and natural beauty, this vital transportation artery has languished in disrepair, causing distress and inconvenience to the people who rely on it.

This year’s rainy season has only exacerbated the situation, prompting frustrated drivers and locals to take matters into their own hands, demanding long-overdue action to fix the road.

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A Legacy of Neglect

The road from Etsi to Donkorkrom has long been a source of frustration for the people of Kwahu Afram Plains. This critical road, which serves as a lifeline for the region, has been in a sorry state for many years.

Potholes, craters, and crumbling pavement have made the journey a perilous one. Commuters, including farmers transporting their produce and students going to school, have had to endure a daily ordeal of navigating this hazardous route.

A Worsening Plight

The situation reached a breaking point during this year’s rainy season. The heavy downpours have further deteriorated the road, turning it into a muddy quagmire that has become nearly impassable in some areas. The road’s condition has become so treacherous that even the most experienced drivers struggle to navigate it safely. Vehicles often get stuck, leading to delays, increased transportation costs, and damage to vehicles.

Community-Led Action

In the face of their worsening predicament, local drivers, in collaboration with concerned community members, have decided to take matters into their own hands. They have come together to fill some of the most severely damaged sections of the road with gravel and stones, a makeshift solution that provides a temporary respite from the road’s perils.

However, this DIY approach is far from a permanent fix, and the road’s fundamental issues persist.


A Cry for Change

Despite their efforts, the road condition hasn’t seen any significant improvement. Frustration and anger have now led to a new level of resistance: a threat not to vote in the upcoming elections unless their long-standing plea for a properly maintained road is addressed. The people of Etsi and Donkorkrom believe that their voices can make a difference, and they are willing to use their voting power as a means of making their demands heard.

The Call for Government Intervention

The road from Etsi to Donkorkrom is not just a local issue; it is a national concern. These communities are an integral part of Ghana’s agricultural sector, and the road serves as a conduit for agricultural produce, as well as access to education and healthcare. A poorly maintained road hinders economic growth and the well-being of the residents.

The time has come for the government to step in and address this longstanding issue. Adequate infrastructure is essential for the development of any nation, and the people of Etsi and Donkorkrom deserve a safe and reliable road network.

The threat not to vote serves as a stark reminder that the voices of the people cannot be ignored, and it is the government’s responsibility to provide the necessary resources and funding for the rehabilitation of this road.

The road from Etsi to Donkorkrom in the Kwahu Afram Plains has been a victim of neglect for far too long. The deplorable condition of this vital artery has been further exacerbated by this year’s rainy season, pushing frustrated residents to take matters into their own hands.

Their threat not to vote in the upcoming elections is a cry for help and a plea for the government to intervene and address this pressing issue. It is time to prioritize the well-being and economic growth of these communities and invest in the much-needed rehabilitation of their road.

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