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Very Sad : One Fatality and Six Injured in Boat Capsizing Incident: Bongase B/R

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A tragic incident occurred at Bongase in the Bono Region, resulting in the death of one woman and the rescue of 68 individuals, including the boat operator, after their ferry capsized in the Bui River.

A local search party in Bongase is currently searching for the remaining victim.

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Among the six injured individuals, two were seriously hurt, while the others received treatment and were discharged from the Bongose Government Hospital. Fatal boat accident claims 1 life and injures 6 in Bongase, Bono Region

Bashiru Adam Hassan, the District Director of the National Disaster Management Organisation (NADMO) in Banda Ahenkrom, reported that there were seven victims on board the boat: five women, including the deceased, and two men.

During a telephone interview with JoyNews, he mentioned that only the boat operator remained in the hospital.

“However, the condition of the boat operator, Prosper Nsuoano, was not favorable. Consequently, he was transferred to the Bamboi Polyclinic in the Savannah Region, where he is currently receiving medical care,” he explained. Fatal boat accident claims 1 life and injures 6 in Bongase, Bono Region

Sources at the health facility confirmed that the boat operator was showing signs of improvement.

The District NADMO director stated that the victims were traveling from their base at Agbedeke, a fishing community near Agelele, an illegal mining site in the Bongose Traditional Area, to Bongase near Nsuoano.

“Prosper (the boat operator) informed me that when he initially passed that area, the water level in the river was normal, and he could navigate safely. However, upon his return, the water had risen, obstructing his vision. Unfortunately, the boat struck a stump in the river, causing everyone to fall into the water,” Mr. Bashiru Hassan revealed. Fatal boat accident claims 1 life and injures 6 in Bongase, Bono Region

Local sources in Bongase and Banda Ahenkrom reported that the sunken canoe has yet to be located.

“Yes, indeed, we haven’t found the engine boat yet. However, today I observed fragments (wood) of the boat scattered along the riverbank,” Mr. Hassan confirmed.

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