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Tribal Clash in Fumbisi SHS among Final Year – Students

Tribal Clash in Fumbisi SHS among Final Year - Students

Following a clash among final-year students at Fumbisi Senior High School (SHS) in the Builsa South District last Wednesday night, several students were injured.

According to information gathered by the Ekap Media, the clash was sparked by issues related to ethnicity. School authorities and security officials are reportedly working to prevent reprisal attacks.

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Sources indicate that the incident began when a house prefect questioned three final-year students who allegedly beat a first-year student from a different area.

The three students, who come from the same area, then attacked the house prefect who questioned them, who is of the same extraction as the first-year student.

The incident quickly spread throughout the school, leading to anger among final-year students who come from the same ethnic group as the house prefect and the first-year student.

To prevent reprisal attacks, the school authorities sent the three students to the police station for their safety.

The school’s Disciplinary Committee later suspended the three students, but due to the timing of the decision, the students were not asked to leave the school until the following day.

When the final-year students realized that the three suspended students were still in the school, they began attacking one another, resulting in injuries to several students. The situation became so dangerous that female students went into hiding in the dormitories.

In response to the situation, an emergency meeting of the District Security Committee (DISEC) was held, and it was determined that the issue was among the final-year students. DISEC resolved to send all male final-year students home temporarily to restore law and order in the school.

Two students who sustained broken legs were taken to a bone specialist in Zuarungu in the Bolgatanga East District for treatment, while other injured students were treated and discharged from the Fumbisi Clinic.

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