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Transport Fares to go up on Saturday April 13

Transport Fares to go up on Saturday April 13

Two transportation unions, namely the Concerned Drivers Association of Ghana and the Transport Operators of Ghana, have jointly announced an impending hike in transportation fares, set to take effect from Saturday, April 13, 2024.

The decision to increase fares, disclosed in a collaborative statement released on Monday, April 8, 2024, is attributed to the recent escalation in petroleum prices. As per the announcement, there will be a 15% increment for short-distance or intracity travel and a 20% rise for intercity or long-distance journeys. Additionally, taxi services will witness a 15% fare increase, with short-distance taxi fares climbing from GH¢ 10.00 to GH¢ 15.00.

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The unions emphasized that the lack of governmental intervention in alleviating fuel prices, vehicle spare parts, and lubricant costs amidst prevailing economic challenges prompted their decision. They expressed concerns over the government’s apparent indifference to addressing these issues, which exacerbate the financial strain on transport owners and drivers, thereby deteriorating their living conditions.

Read the statement from the two transport operators union

Concerned Drivers Association of Ghana-C-DAG)/Transport Operators of Ghana

April 8, 2024
Joint Press Statement

A recent increment in the price of petrol has necessitated an upward adjustment in transport fares as follows.

1. 15 percent increment for short distance or intracity transport.
2. 20 percent for intercity or long-journey transport
3. 15percent for taxi transport and

4. An increment from GHC 10.00 to GHC 15.00 fare for short-distance taxi hire services.

This increment shall take effect from Saturday, April 13, 2024.

Just as it may have been noted by most Ghanaians government appear to be indifferent regarding any reduction in the price of petrol as well as those of vehicle spare parts and lubricants.

Also, the prevailing economic difficulties and other factors are worsening the living condition of transport owners and drivers.

We are therefore urging all Ghanaians to take note of the increment and cooperate with transport operators. Thank You.

Asonaba Nana Wiredu- Deputy Secretary, C-DAG

Paa Willie- National Chairman, C-DAG

Yaw Barimah- PRO- True Drivers Union
0554822565, 0500312104

David Agboado- P.R.O., C-DAG

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