Tonto Dikeh’s ex-husband threatens to sue actress for defamatory posts

Tonto Dikeh’s ex-husband threatens to sue actress for defamatory posts

The ex-husband of Nigerian actress Tonto Dikeh has threatened to sue her if she does not retract some defamatory posts she made against him.

Olakunle Churchill through his lawyers sent the notice to the actress following some altercations they had on social media after their son’s birthday on Friday.

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According to his counsel, the allegations Tonto Dikeh has levelled against her ex-husband include claims that he is a “fraudster, thief, blackmailer, and irresponsible father.”

“You have continuously defamed our client and shared false information/accusations on the YouTube Platform to make money at our client’s expense,” parts of the statements read.

The lawyers noted that Mr Olakunle is demanding an apology from the actress or she risks facing a lawsuit

This comes after Tonto Dikeh slammed Churchill a few days ago on her Instagram page for celebrating their son on his 7th birthday allegedly to give the impression he makes efforts to be in their son’s life.

The duo have since then been in a social media battle, with both parties flooding their social media pages with shreds of evidence against each other.

Tonto Dikeh also reiterated some of the allegations she had levelled against him in 2020.

But lawyers of Mr Olakunle stated that not only are those claims false, they also have tarnished his image and that of his new family.

“These accusations have affected our client and his wife in their businesses, their career, and public images thereby causing distress to our client’s family as a result of the lies, public humiliation, and threats directed at them.”

“Your continuous defamatory posts and untrue accusations have been reposted by several platforms and blogs, thereby causing severe injury and financial losses to our client’s business,” parts of the notice read.

Mr Olakunle’s lawyers gave Tonto Dikeh a 24-hour ultimatum to retract her statements and apologise to him.

Source: MyJoyOnline.com

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