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Tiger Eye PI Refutes Kwesi Nyantakyi’s Allegations of Blackmail and Bribery

Tiger Eye PI Refutes Kwesi Nyantakyi's Allegations of Blackmail and Bribery

Tiger Eye P.I. refutes former Ghana Football Association president Kwesi Nyantakyi’s allegations that their lead investigator, Anas Aremeyaw Anas, extorted $150,000 from him and later accepted $100,000 to withhold the damaging Number 12 documentary, where Nyantakyi was purportedly shown accepting a bribe.

Nyantakyi, who is preparing to contest the Ejisu by-election under the New Patriotic Party, claimed on Onua TV on April 2, 2024, that despite paying $100,000, the documentary was still released.

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In a statement issued the same day, Tiger Eye P.I. and Anas Aremeyaw Anas vehemently denied soliciting or accepting bribes from Nyantakyi prior to the documentary’s release. They emphasized their commitment to exposing corruption and dismissed the idea of shielding corrupt individuals.

The statement clarified that neither Tiger Eye P.I. nor Anas engaged lawyer Kwame Gyan from the University of Ghana. They confirmed their exclusive legal representation by CromwellGray LLP in Accra.

Tiger Eye P.I. challenged Nyantakyi to take legal action against Kwame Gyan to substantiate his claims, affirming their ignorance and disassociation from such activities. They highlighted their stringent internal mechanisms to safeguard investigations.

Regarding Nyantakyi’s admission of bribery attempts, Tiger Eye P.I. asserted that FIFA’s life ban for his involvement in bribery and conflict of interest was justified.

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