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Supt. Effia Tenge Retires from Ghana Police Service after 18 years of Public Relations Service

Supt. Effia Tenge Retires from Ghana Police Service after 18 years of Public Relations Service

Mrs. Effia Tenge, who worked for the Ghana Police Service for 18 years and rose from the rank of Inspector to Superintendent, has left her position as the head of Public Affairs at the Volta Regional Command to pursue personal goals.

Mrs. Tenge has held various public relations roles during her tenure with the Police Service, including working at the Media Monitoring Centre of the Police Public Affairs Directorate and serving as the head of Public Affairs at the Accra Regional Police Command before moving to the Volta Regional Police Command in August 2021.

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During her time with the Police Service, Mrs. Tenge implemented a number of initiatives aimed at improving policing in Ghana.

For example, she introduced the Police Regional News Magazine “Police Diary,” which reported on law enforcement events and promoted police professionalism, transparency, and accountability.

Mrs. Tenge also helped reduce tension and restore public confidence in Ghana’s security during a period of widespread panic and kidnapping scares among the expatriate community in 2019 by activating expat dialogue sessions and creating a comprehensive sensitization program to educate students on the prevention of kidnapping.

Mrs. Tenge facilitated partnerships with organizations such as the King James Foundation and Ghana Medical Missions to provide health screenings, medical supplies, and health empowerment sessions to police officers, and organized training sessions in collaboration with the Greater Accra Regional Hospital to provide public health safety tips to officers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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She also initiated the “City Police” program to identify and celebrate hardworking personnel and rolled out a campaign to build and empower 5,900 students in recognizing early sexual advances and speaking out against them in collaboration with the Ghana Education Service and the Domestic Violence and Victims Support Unit.

Mrs. Tenge expressed her motivation for these initiatives, stating that “the police’s ability to effectively combat crimes in a growing environment of sophisticated and complex crimes largely depends on strong public support through reliable, credible, and timely crime reporting.”

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