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Strike Action – University Teachers Association of Ghana Threatens Strike [UTAG – UDS]

Pre-Tertiary Teacher Unions End Two-Week Strike Call for Urgent Negotiations

The University of Development Studies (UDS) branch of the University Teachers Association of Ghana (UTAG) has indicated its intention to go on strike due to the Ghana Tertiary Education Commission’s (GTEC) cancellation of certain positions.

UTAG-UDS sent a letter to the Director General of GTEC, urging them to halt the implementation of the position cancellations. Failure to do so, the letter stated, would result in an industrial action.

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UTAG-UDS expressed its concern that the cancellation of positions was done without consulting or seeking input from the affected members of Public University Unions across the country. It also noted that some of these positions had been negotiated as part of the payroll allowances.

The association requested an immediate cessation of the unilateral and non-consultative decision by GTEC and the government.

If the implementation was not stopped, UTAG-UDS warned that its members would commence an indefinite strike or industrial action starting from July 28, 2023, in accordance with the provisions of the Labour Act (2003) Act 651. They stated that the strike would continue until their concerns were adequately addressed.

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