STRIKE ACTION – TUTAG, TUSAAG strike over conditions of service – U/E

TEWU issues a notification of service withdrawal due to withheld allowances

The Bolgatanga division of the Technical University Teachers’ Association of Ghana (TUTAG) and the Technical University Senior Administrators’ Association of Ghana (TUSAAG) have opted to halt their services.

These groups from Bolgatanga’s TUTAG and TUSAAG sections have decided to withhold their services until their requests are addressed.

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In an official statement, the two organizations are alleging that the Vice Chancellor is attempting to modify sections of their approved “Conditions of Service (CoS)” which were sanctioned by the Ministry of Finance (MoF). The Vice Chancellor is purportedly using claims of ambiguity within the Technical Universities Act (2016) Act 922 as Amended to support these modifications.

In response, the Bolgatanga divisions of TUTAG and TUSAAG emphatically object to this course of action.

As outlined by the two associations, their strike arises from “misinterpretations of certain portions” of their CoS, particularly those pertaining to retirement benefits. They assert that the Vice Chancellor’s actions are to their detriment.

The groups find the decision of the Ghana Tertiary Education Commission (GTEC) to refer the matter to the Attorney General for clarification to be a strategy that only wastes time. According to GTEC’s presentation on August 23, 2023, the Attorney General’s interpretation was merely intended to offer guidance to the commission concerning the perceived ambiguity and would not be legally binding for any Technical University (TU).

Given that the Attorney General’s supposed interpretation of the Transitional provisions is solely meant as guidance for GTEC, the Bolgatanga branches of TUTAG and TUSAAG view this entire process as an attempt to delay progress.

Consequently, they are insisting on the immediate disbursement of the “internal component of the Online Teaching Support Allowance (OTSA) and the accumulated outstanding payments for teaching staff who have not received compensation since January 2022.”

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