Snakes Invade Dilapidated Classroom: Denkyira Atobease M/A Basic School

Snakes Invade Dilapidated Classroom: Denkyira Atobease M/A Basic School

During a lesson at Denkyira Atobease M/A Basic School in the Upper Denkyira East Municipality of the Central Region, a potentially dangerous situation unfolded as five snakes infiltrated the dilapidated classroom.

The incident occurred when the snakes, which had made their way to the top of the classroom building, suddenly descended from the roof and landed on the students’ desks, causing them to flee in fear while the teacher was in the middle of teaching.

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Distressed by the situation, the students sought help from nearby individuals to eliminate the snakes. However, the experience has left them living in constant fear, dreading the possibility of snake bites during their classes.

Unfortunately, the school faces a multitude of challenges in addition to the snake infestation.

The lack of qualified teachers, insufficient classroom furniture, and inadequate facilities plague both the Primary and Junior High School levels, severely impeding the teaching and learning process.

The precarious conditions of the school deter teachers from accepting postings and create an unfavorable environment for effective education.

Nana Nkwantabesa, the chief of the area, has voiced his concerns regarding the shortage of qualified educators. Consequently, the community has resorted to employing graduates from Senior and Junior High schools to fill the teaching positions.

Despite the difficulties faced by the school, the Primary Six and Junior High School teachers are making commendable efforts to provide the best education possible for the children.

However, Mr. Kweku Assem, the Secretary of the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) at Denkyira Atobease M/A Basic School, emphasizes that the precarious state of the building places the students at risk of encounters with snakes and other dangerous reptiles.

Urgent action from the appropriate authorities is imperative to address the situation. Mr. Assem appeals to the government and the Municipal Chief Executive to promptly extend their support to the school, preventing the situation from escalating further.

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