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SIM Cards Linked to Ghana Card: NCA to Launch Short Code for Verification

Deactivation Tonight: More than 7.4 Million Unregistered SIM Cards to be Rendered Inactive

The National Communications Authority (NCA) is teaming up with Telcos to create a short code that will enable individual subscribers to check the number of SIM cards linked to their Ghana card.

According to a statement posted on Facebook, users will only need to input the short code on their phone and verify their Ghana card pin to access the information.

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This will eliminate the need for customers to visit their Telco provider physically.

The short code is expected to be available by the end of April 2023 after testing and approval.

The nationwide SIM card re-registration exercise began in Ghana in October 2021.

The initiative aims to create an accurate SIM database that can help to combat fraud and secure SIM card transactions.


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