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Sad: Teacher Takes His Own Life Over Failure To Pay His Debt Due To Betting

Sad: Teacher Takes His Own Life Over Failure To Pay His Debt Due To Betting

A 35-year-old Ghanaian teacher from Techiman tragically took his own life due to insurmountable debt-related stress.

The teacher, known as Teacher Gayo, had accumulated multiple loans from both friends and banks, with the intention of using these funds for betting. Regrettably, his gambling endeavors yielded no positive results, and he lost all the borrowed money.

Furthermore, Teacher Gayo was struggling to meet his rent payments, which led to him adopting a schedule where he left for work in the early morning and returned home late at night to avoid his landlord’s scrutiny.

This stressful situation persisted over a considerable period, making life unbearable for him and ultimately driving him to consider taking his own life.

Before his tragic decision, Teacher Gayo reached out to a friend to confide in them about his dire financial predicament, which was exacerbated by his gambling addiction.

During the call, he confessed that all the loans he had acquired, whether from financial institutions or friends, had been channeled into betting with no positive outcome.

In a poignant plea, he expressed his deep embarrassment and desperation, acknowledging that his gambling habit had driven him to borrow money from various individuals, including his landlady.

He also revealed that he had been unable to attend work for the past three weeks, adding that the burden of repaying the loans had become insurmountable.

In his own words, he shared, “I feel embarrassed speaking to you about this. Because of my gambling addiction, I have borrowed money from various people, including my landlady.

I have been unable to attend school for the past three weeks. I am having difficulty repaying the loan I obtained from my landlord. I’m unable to repay my loans. I’m humiliated.

I have no choice but to consume poison and perish. I don’t have anywhere else to go or someone to turn to. I’m at a crossroads. I have no money for meals, so kindly assist me with even Ghc100. I beseech you. I’m starving while I chat with you.”

This heart-wrenching statement marked Teacher Gayo’s cry for help in his darkest hour.



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