Sad: Island Teacher and a woman drown in Volta Lake.

Sad: Headteacher and Assemblyman Drowns During Campaign - Tarkwa

On Friday, a tragic incident occurred in the Krachi West Municipality of the Oti region, where a man and a woman lost their lives in a canoe accident on the Volta Lake.

The rescuers have recovered their bodies and deposited them at the Krachi West Municipal Hospital morgue.

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According to sources, the deceased man was a teacher on one of the islands, while the woman was a local. Witnesses reported that there were strong winds on the lake, causing some passengers to abandon their trip.

Unfortunately, the two victims drowned on their way back from Kete Krachi, the municipal capital, to their respective island communities on a fishing boat.

The tragedy occurred when the boat they were traveling on abandoned them on another island due to a storm.

The victims then attempted to curve back to drop off a passenger in Kotoku but missed their stop due to the late hour. In the process of turning back, they lost control of the boat, causing it to capsize.

Fortunately, the canoe’s rider, a fisherman, survived the incident. It is a sobering reminder of the dangers that come with traveling on the water, particularly during adverse weather conditions.

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