Reluctance Towards Vocational Training Contributes to High Unemployment Rates – C/R TVET Coordinator

Reluctance Towards Vocational Training Contributes to High Unemployment Rates - C/R TVET Coordinator

Mr. Patrick Adu Sarfo, the Central Region’s Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Coordinator, shed light on Cape Coast’s concerning unemployment figures, attributing them to a lack of interest among residents in pursuing vocational education.

His remarks came during the inaugural graduation ceremony of the Akotokyirman Vocational Training Institute in Cape Coast, where six aspiring makeup artists completed their training and emerged as full-fledged professionals.

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Mr. Sarfo expressed worry over the apparent disinterest of Cape Coast residents, the regional capital, in vocational training, contrasting them with the enthusiastic embrace of such opportunities by residents of Swedru, Assin Fosu, and Dunkwa-On-Offin in the same region.

He applauded the graduates for showcasing their acquired skills and encouraged others to follow their lead by enrolling in vocational training programs to enhance their future career prospects.

Mr. Sarfo urged parents to actively support their children by providing the necessary materials for effective learning.

Nana Kojo Nyarko Arhin, the Mpuntuhene of Akotokyir, acknowledged the significance of the graduation ceremony as a precursor to the institute’s main graduation event.

He encouraged young men in the community to consider breaking gender stereotypes by enrolling in traditionally female-dominated trades like makeup artistry, manicure, and pedicure, highlighting the evolving gender dynamics in vocational fields.

Miss Evelyn Arthur, a graduate of the Akotokyirman Vocational Training Institute, underscored the importance of vocational training for youth, particularly women, urging them to pursue skills that could empower them financially and reduce dependence on others.

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