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Queen Mothers Foundation Advises Against Politicizing Bawku Conflict

Queen Mothers Foundation Advises Against Politicizing Bawku Conflict

The Queen Mothers Foundation of Ghana has called on political parties to avoid politicizing the ongoing conflict in Bawku in the Upper East Region for personal gain.

The town has been plagued by violence for decades due to chieftaincy disputes between the Mamprusis and Kusasis. Recent clashes between residents and security forces have led to loss of life and destruction of property.

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The foundation expressed concern about the negative impact of the conflict on women, children, and economic activity in the area. They urged factions involved in the renewed clashes to put aside their differences and embrace peace for the good of the community. The foundation also advised people to refrain from violence and not allow themselves to be used to stoke trouble.

Furthermore, the group called on the government to discharge its responsibilities to resolve the conflict, and on security forces to work towards maintaining law and order while being mindful of the human rights of the people. The foundation also asked traditional authorities to take the lead in the peace and reconciliation process.

It is crucial to prioritize the restoration of peace in Bawku and to avoid exploiting the conflict for political gain. The continued violence is detrimental to the development and progress of the region.

The involvement of various stakeholders, including the government, security forces, traditional authorities, and civil society groups, is necessary to address the root causes of the conflict and prevent future outbreaks. Only through cooperation and a commitment to peace can lasting solutions be achieved.

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