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Prof Emmanuel Asante, Calls for a Shift from Political Rule to True Governance in Ghana

Prof Emmanuel Asante, Calls for a Shift from Political Rule to True Governance in Ghana

Prof Emmanuel Asante, the Chairman of the Peace Council, expressed deep concern about the governance of the country when political parties are in power.

During an interview on JoyNews’ The Pulse, he highlighted that politicians tend to focus on political interests rather than true governance.

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He pointed out that once politicians come into power, their primary concern becomes how to retain that power, rather than focusing on the actual responsibilities of governance.

This constant preoccupation with political maneuvering leads to a lack of effective governance for the nation.

Prof Asante emphasized that a proper governing system should prioritize doing what is right for the country, even if it means making tough decisions that might not be popular with the electorate.

The ideal approach is to prioritize the welfare of the nation over short-term political gains.

He urged Ghanaians to cherish and safeguard the democracy that the country practices, stressing that it is in their best interest to protect the democratic system.

Despite the challenges that democracy might face, he advocated for its preservation, stating that he would prefer a democracy facing difficulties over military rule.

Furthermore, Prof Asante called upon the entire African continent to reevaluate the type of democracy being operated.

He cited Rwanda as an example of a nation with a strong leader who can make bold decisions for the greater good of the country, without constantly worrying about re-election.

He emphasized the need for leaders who prioritize national interests and are willing to take decisive actions for the benefit of their countries, regardless of the political consequences.

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