One-Student, One-Tablet Project: KA Technologies Launches Regional-Level Training for Students in Ghana

One-Student, One-Tablet Project: KA Technologies Launches Regional-Level Training for Students in Ghana

As the One-Student, One-Tablet Project approaches its implementation, KA Technologies (KAT) is taking necessary measures to ensure a seamless transition.

Following the successful completion of the Trainer of Trainers (ToT) Programme, KAT is now ready to initiate Regional-Level Training for all District and School IT Coordinators.

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The training is scheduled to commence on June 12, 2023, with the aim of accomplishing several pivotal objectives crucial to the project’s success.

First and foremost, School IT Coordinators will receive training on the efficient and effective distribution process of the tablets, ensuring that the devices reach the intended students promptly.

Moreover, the training will focus on equipping teachers with the knowledge and skills required to set up Smart Classrooms and configure the devices, including the Smart Box.

This will empower teachers to leverage this technology to enhance their teaching methods and create an interactive learning environment for students.

An additional significant aspect of the training is the introduction of the KATON Knowledge Hub. Comprehensive training will be provided to teachers and students, enabling them to effectively utilize this platform and unlock its full potential as a valuable educational resource.

Furthermore, the Regional-Level Training Programme will facilitate coordination and support for device maintenance and assistance within each district.

By establishing clear channels for addressing technical issues and providing timely support, KAT aims to minimize disruptions and maximize the benefits of the One-Student, One-Tablet initiative.

The training sessions will be conducted in all 16 regional capitals across the country, with arrangements already finalized in collaboration with Regional IT Coordinators who participated in the ToT programme in Accra.

The attached training schedule provides further details for consideration.

To ensure broad participation, KAT kindly requests the Regional Directors of Education to officially inform the Metro, Municipal, and District Directors of Education within their respective regions about the training.

It is essential that all district and school IT Coordinators are included and actively engaged in this critical phase of the project.

KA Technologies expresses its gratitude for the ongoing support and eagerly anticipates a successful training program.

With the combined efforts of all stakeholders involved, the One-Student, One-Tablet Project is set to revolutionize digital teaching and learning in Ghana, empowering students and educators with the tools for a brighter future.

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