Odorgonno SHS Receives 20 Double Beds from PTA to Boost Boarding Status

Odorgonno SHS Receives 20 Double Beds from PTA to Boost Boarding Status

The Odorgonno Senior High School has received 20 double beds for its boys’ dormitory from the parent-teacher association (PTA), which is the first batch of a total of 80 beds that will be donated to the school.

The PTA’s chairman, Ishmael Odartey Lamptey, stated that the association decided to provide support in the direction of boarding status due to the high demand from parents and students.

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He also mentioned that with more support, the PTA would be able to provide additional items and facilities to the school.

The PTA plans to donate 80 bed stands to the school, and the support will be extended to the girls’ dormitory.

The headmaster of the school, Patrick Mensah, expressed his gratitude to the PTA for their support and stated that the association was a critical stakeholder in the running of the school.

He also acknowledged that the support had thrown a challenge to the school to improve its performance.

The Secretary of the PTA, Samuel Fiador, commended the parents for their support.

The school authorities are overwhelmed by demands from parents and guardians to get boarding status for their children and wards, and they believe that if parents can support the school like what the PTA has done, more children can be taken into the boarding house.

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