No more Licensure Exams for Diploma Holders – NTC

No more Licensure Exams for Diploma Holders - NTC

Out of 11,480 diploma teacher trainees, both resitters and freshers, who took the last of the traditional subject Ghana Teacher Licensure Examination (GTLE), 6,269 of them failed.

Of the total candidature, 6,756 of them were resitters and 4,724 freshers.

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Last attempt

This means that all of those who sat in the traditional subject GTLE will not have another opportunity to resit.

Instead, they will join the newly introduced subject-based GTLE, because that was the last time diploma holders would write the GTLE.

Those who sat for the exams are mostly diploma holders who would have to upgrade to obtain a first degree to enable them to sit for the reformed GTLE subject-based examination.

Speaking on the just released GTLE, the Head of Public Affairs of the National Teaching Council (NTC), Dennis Osei-Owusu, explained that even though some of the candidates had passed one or two of the three subjects, they were considered to have failed.

The candidates were expected to have passed all three subjects to escape being considered failures.


Giving statistics, Mr Osei-Owusu said of the 6,756 trainees who resat either for one, two or all the three subjects, 4,128 of them sat for one subject, 1,764 sat for two subjects, while 864 of them sat for three subjects.

Of the total number of resitters, 3,675 of them failed while 2,594 of the freshers who also took part failed.

“Even though some of the trainees passed one or two of the subjects, they are still considered as having failed because for one to be considered having passed the examination, that candidate should pass all the three subjects,” he explained.

Maiden edition

Touching on the 2023 reformed GTLE, which is the maiden edition of the subject-based examination, the statement on the release of the results showed that out of the 20,181 teacher trainees who sat for the exams, 9,556, representing over 30 per cent, failed to meet the pass mark.

A brief of the results released said 10,625 trainees, representing 52.6%, passed the exams.

On the processes for candidates checking their results, the council said the results will be published on its website and candidates can access them via their unique examination pins.

“All candidates can check their results from the NTC online portal at by using either their pins given during registration or their examination index numbers using their phone numbers.

“Candidates are advised to print their provisional certificates after checking results,” the statement advised.



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