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My Views on Ghana’s Comedy Industry Unity and Progress – Comedian Clemento Suarez

My Views on Ghana's Comedy Industry Unity and Progress - Comedian Clemento Suarez

Clemento Suarez, a comedian and actor, has shared his thoughts on the state of unity within Ghana’s comedy industry. According to him, many comedians are envious of each other but maintain a cordial facade.

He expressed this during a conversation on Prime Morning on Tuesday. Despite the potential presence of animosity, he believes it can contribute to the industry’s progress.

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He stated that comedians may jest about personal matters as long as it’s purely for laughter and nothing more. Clemento Suarez mentioned that he has not been afraid for his safety despite joking about people’s issues. Nonetheless, he believes comedians should exercise caution and intelligence when dealing with sensitive personal issues to avoid controversy.

Clemento Suarez compared the older generation’s comedic style, which focused on storytelling, to contemporary comedy that is more situation-based and delivered on stage.

He affirmed that the comedy industry is lucrative, but success depends on an individual’s creativity and innovation, as well as the strength of their brand.

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