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MP for Amasaman, Afrifa-Mensa Holds Community Engagement

MP for Amasaman, Afrifa-Mensa Holds Community Engagement

Akwasi Afrifa-Mensa, the Member of Parliament (MP) for Amasaman, has been engaging with the Chiefs and people of communities in the Amasaman Constituency to discuss ways to improve development in the area.

As part of his community engagement program, the MP presented what has been achieved during his time in office and what remains to be done.

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He was accompanied by several officials, including Constituency Executives and Council of Patron Members.

Before meeting with the residents of Amasaman, Mr Afrifa-Mensa visited Tsuruman and Kwarteman, where he engaged with the chiefs, youth groups, and residents to discuss how to promote development in their communities.

The residents of Amasaman called on the MP to expedite developmental projects within the municipality.

Due to the area’s geographical nature, they face significant developmental challenges that impact their standard of living.

They appealed for a fence wall to be constructed for the Adjen Kotoku School to prevent disruptions to teaching and learning.

Residents also requested that the government accelerate road construction in the municipality.

They believe that collaboration between the government and communities is the way to speed up developmental projects.

Mr Afrifa-Mensa responded to the residents’ challenges by assuring them that efforts were being made to address their issues. He stated that the roads would be constructed, and the contractor would begin work soon.

He urged the Chiefs and community members to continue supporting him to deliver on his mandate of improving development in the communities.

The Chief of Kwarteman, Nii Aklekwei III, called for the strengthening of collaborations between MPs and community members to ensure that the Kwarteman community is developed.

He also requested that the issue of sanitation is tackled. The Chief of Aklekwei, Nii Koi Tsuru, and elders of the community thanked the MP for his efforts to develop the community.

However, they requested that the issues concerning the onion sellers at Adjen Kotoku be looked into again, as promises made during their coming have not been fulfilled.

They also requested that young men and women in the community are provided with job opportunities.

The construction of roads was appreciated, and the government was thanked for their efforts.

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