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Ministry of Education Promises to Resolve Infrastructure Challenges in SHS

Minister of Education Highlights Education Progress and Challenges Misconceptions

The Ministry of Education has pledged to address infrastructure challenges faced by senior high schools in Ghana.

This follows reports of some students experiencing difficulty learning and eating due to overcrowding caused by enrollment exceeding capacity.

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The Ministry’s Public Relations Officer, Kwasi Kwarteng, stated in an interview that the Ministry takes full responsibility for resolving such issues and urged affected head teachers to provide a list of problems requiring immediate attention.

He also requested the names of schools where students had reported problems. Mr. Kwarteng emphasized that the Ministry’s primary role is to rectify problems rather than listen to complaints.

He urged head teachers to assist the government by indicating the number of students that can be accommodated based on the facilities available.

Some schools have admitted more students than their facilities can accommodate, leading to overcrowding in dormitories and classrooms and fear of infections.

Despite the cause of the problem, Mr. Kwarteng reiterated the Ministry’s commitment to being accountable and resolving the issues.

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