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Ministry of Education Backs GES in Interdicting Headmistress of WASS

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The Ministry of Education has expressed its support for the Ghana Education Service (GES) regarding their decision to suspend Dr. Shine Agatha Ofori, the headmistress of West Africa Senior High School (WASS).

Dr. Ofori faced the suspension due to allegations of collecting unauthorized fees from students, a concern that has been observed in various senior high schools across the country.

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Kwesi Kwarteng, the Public Relations Officer (PRO) of the Education Ministry, defended the GES’s actions, stating that the school had indeed imposed charges on students, which differ from voluntary contributions made by parents to support the school. He raised questions about why other schools did not follow a similar practice if it was deemed acceptable.

In response to the suspension, the National Association of Graduate Teachers (NAGRAT) called for Dr. Ofori’s immediate reinstatement, arguing that the decision by the GES reflects the challenges faced by many senior high schools nationwide. NAGRAT’s president, Angel Carbonu, stressed the importance of providing adequate financial resources to schools to enhance the overall quality of education.

To investigate the matter further, the GES has assigned its Regional Disciplinary Committee.

As the debate continues, the central focus remains on ensuring a fair and transparent system in schools, accompanied by sufficient financial support to enrich the educational experience for all students.

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