Minister of Education Highlights Education Progress and Challenges Misconceptions

Minister of Education Highlights Education Progress and Challenges Misconceptions

Dr. Adutwum, Ghana’s Minister of Education, has highlighted the significant strides in the country’s education sector, despite some individuals choosing to overlook the evident progress and undermine its success.

He expressed concern that those making disparaging claims about the standard of education often lack awareness of the actual facts.

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Addressing attendees at the 63rd Anniversary of the Ghana Muslim Mission in Kumasi, Dr. Adutwum refuted assertions that the quality of education has declined.

He cited compelling statistics, such as the notable improvement in science examination pass rates, rising from 28 percent in 2015 to an impressive 68 percent presently.

Dr. Adutwum also underscored the positive impact of the Free SHS policy introduced in 2017, citing a substantial increase in Senior High School enrollment by 600,000. He attributed the success to the support provided by President Akufo-Addo and his Vice, emphasizing that Free SHS promotes inclusivity and relieves financial burdens for many families.

Asserting the policy’s role in preventing dropouts due to financial constraints, Dr. Adutwum declared the government’s commitment to ensuring Free SHS continues to thrive, debunking any suggestions of a potential review.

He emphasized the transformative impact of education on national development, particularly in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), where Ghanaian students are excelling and competing favorably internationally.

Dr. Adutwum concluded by reaffirming the government’s dedication to elevating education to unprecedented heights in Ghana.

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