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Mayera Zonal Council Inauguration Marks Dawn of Promising Governance

On Thursday, March 28th, 2024, a momentous occasion unfolded in Mayera as the Mayera Zonal Council proudly welcomed its 12 Councilors. Gathered at the Council Hall, this significant event was graced by the esteemed presence of Ms. Mabel Dodoo, the Assistance Director I and Secretary to the Zonal Council, along with the oversight of Hon. Daniel Asumadu Owusu, the Presiding Member of the Ga West Municipal Assembly. Also in attendance were the Assistant Director I of Ga West Municipal Assembly – Ms. Bryndenise Naa Adoley Allotey, Heads of Department of the Council, and the Assistant Director to the Municipal Electoral Commissioner – Maryam Gomda Ibrahim , adding to the gravity of the occasion.

The inauguration commenced with a solemn opening prayer, inviting God’s presence and unity among all present. Following this, the Administrator extended warm welcome remarks, stressing the importance of collaborative efforts in driving progress within the community.

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In his address to the gathering, Hon. Daniel Asumadu Owusu delivered a stirring speech, highlighting the weight of responsibility entrusted to the newly appointed Councilors. Subsequently, the 12 Councilors, representing four Electoral Areas namely Mayera, Gonno, Samsam, and Deideiman, took their oath of office, solemnly pledging their dedication to serving the Mayera Zonal Council with unwavering integrity.

A pivotal moment arose as Hon. Samuel Apedo was democratically elected as the Zonal Council Chairman, signifying a significant stride towards effective governance. Under the meticulous supervision of Maryam Gomda Ibrahim, Assistant Director to the Municipal Electoral Commissioner, the proceedings unfolded seamlessly.

Embracing the principles of inclusivity, the Councilors unanimously approved the use of English, Akan, and Ga languages for communication within the council chambers, reflecting the vibrant diversity of the Mayera Zonal Council. They further demonstrated their commitment to comprehensive development by forming specialized sub-committees under the leadership of Hon. Samuel Apedo.

Two key sub-committees were established:

Finance and Administration Sub-Committee:

  • Hon. Amarkine Amarh
  • Hon. Francis Mensah Dogbe
  • Hon. Joseph Danquah
  • Hon. Isaac Ablorh
  • Hon. Eric Dogbe
  • Hon. Emmanuel Asante

Social Services and Community Development Sub-Committee:

  • Hon. Freeman Norpklim
  • Hon. Ibrahim Raufu
  • Hon. Alexander Djan
  • Hon. Godwin Attitsogbui
  • Hon. Bernice Fianko


In his closing remarks, Hon. Daniel Asumadu Owusu, the Presiding Member, urged all Councilors to empower themselves by familiarizing with copies of the Model Standing Order and the Local Government Act 936, emphasizing these as their main working tools. He also called upon the Chairman to facilitate the creation of a mini Council Library equipped with these essential documents.

With a collective vision and a shared sense of purpose, the Mayera Zonal Council embarks on a journey towards progress and prosperity. As they adjourned the inaugural session, a palpable sense of optimism filled the air, signaling the dawn of a new era for the Mayera Zonal Council.


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