List of African Countries every African can visit without a Visa

List of African Countries every African can visit without a Visa

In recent years, the gradual but resounding wave of visa-free entry policies within the African continent has opened a more earnest conversation on the power of connectivity and integration.

Nations across Africa are increasingly realizing the critical importance of dismantling barriers that have long hindered intra-continental interactions. From the removal of troublesome trade tariffs within sub-regions to the elimination of visa restrictions entirely, the continent is on a fast progressive path.

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The move towards visa-free entry among African states not only fosters a sense of unity but also holds significant promise for economic growth, cultural exchange, and enhanced regional cooperation.

The decision by several African nations, including the recent move by Rwanda and Kenya, to open their borders to fellow African citizens reflects a pivotal shift in the continent’s approach to interconnectivity.

These decisions mark a progressive step towards building a unified Africa, transcending the limitations that historical borders have imposed.

With that said, the idea has been prevalent, albeit slow. Too few African countries have decided to take the bold step of waiving their visa restrictions. However, there are countries that are leading the way in this all-important initiative.

While 48 African countries grant visa-free travel to the citizens of at least one other African nation, only 5 of 52 African countries can boast of complete visa-free entry, with 2 of said recently joining the fold.


Owing to its dependence on tourism, it was reported back in 2018, that Seychelles was the only nation where visa-free travel is open to all Africans, as well as to citizens of every nation, as it always has been, making it the first African country to have visa-free travel. However, they recently rescinded Nigeria’s visa privileges.


In 2019, Gambia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs informed all diplomatic missions and international organizations in Banjul that The Gambia is now a “visa-free zone for all charter and scheduled flights. Commonwealth nations, EU nations, Africa, the Baltic States, and Belgians with their ID cards are covered by the new visa regulations.


Patrice Talon, President of Benin, declared in 2019 that his administration will eliminate visa restrictions for Africans entering the West African country. The Benin government took a cue from Rwanda’s openness which ironically did not announce its visa freedom for Africans till 2023.


In October 2023, Kenyan President William Ruto announced intentions to remove visa restrictions for all African travelers by the end of 2023 in order to boost commerce and strengthen economic connections with other African countries.


On November 2023 Rwanda announced plans to allow visa-free entry for fellow African states. The president noted that any African, can get on a plane to Rwanda whenever they wish and they will not pay a thing to enter the East African tourism giant.


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