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Just In: Petroleum Product Prices Adjusted at the Pump

Fuel prices set to decline marginally from October 16 – COPEC

Several oil marketing companies have recently made adjustments to the prices of petroleum products at their pumps.

According to reports from Joy Business, these revisions commenced on Tuesday, October 3, 2023, and involve several key players in the industry.

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Shell, for instance, is now selling a liter of petrol at ¢13.49, while diesel is priced at ¢13.95 per liter.

Another significant industry player, Star Oil, has also raised its prices. They are currently selling a liter of petrol at ¢11.99 and diesel at ¢13.39.

However, it’s worth noting that some other major oil marketing companies have not yet adjusted their prices at the pumps, even though it’s been nearly five days since the October 2, 2023 deadline.

In response to inquiries, some of these companies have stated that they are still closely monitoring the market conditions before deciding to revise their prices.


Credit: Joy Business

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