Just In: Mandatory dyslexia training for teachers

Just In: Mandatory dyslexia training for teachers

October marks Dyslexia Awareness Month and in this significant time, the Africa Dyslexia Organisation issues an urgent call to the Ghana Ministry of Education and the Ghana Education Service (GES).

Our appeal is straightforward: implement mandatory training for teachers on dyslexia and related learning disabilities from Kindergarten (KG) through to Junior High School (JHS) across both public and private educational institutions.

Metro Lens

Inclusive education in Ghana is not just an ideal but a crucial driver for the country’s sustainable development.

There is an essential need to institute mandatory, comprehensive training for teachers to understand and effectively address dyslexia and related learning disabilities for several critical reasons:

•    Addressing learning challenges: Dyslexia and related learning disabilities affects a significant number of students.

Without adequate understanding and timely intervention, many students, despite their talents are overlooked and marginalised, limiting their life opportunities and societal contributions.

•    Bridging educational disparities: Educational disparity in Ghana, exacerbated by a lack of necessary resources and training, can be narrowed.

Mandatory dyslexia training for teachers is a transformative step towards creating an environment where all students can thrive.

•    Empowering educators: Proper training equips teachers with the knowledge and tools necessary to positively influence the academic trajectories of students with learning disabilities, fostering a wave of nationwide positive academic outcomes.

•    Advancing national development: Investment in inclusive education is an investment in the nation’s socio-economic standing.

This commitment supports individual learners while contributing to the construction of a resilient, knowledgeable, and innovative society ready for the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century.

•    A Step toward inclusion: Proactive measures in education set a positive precedent for the nation.

Such an initiative demonstrates Ghana’s commitment to building an inclusive society where every individual, regardless of learning differences, has an opportunity to succeed.

•    Enhancing global standing: In a globally competitive environment, it’s imperative for Ghana to foster an educational system that is inclusive and responsive to the diverse needs of its students.

Mandatory dyslexia training for teachers is not merely a necessity; it’s a strategic investment enhancing the nation’s global standing by fostering a diverse, skilled and inclusive future workforce.

Ready for collaboration

The Africa Dyslexia Organisation is prepared to collaborate with educational authorities to develop suitable training content for educators.

While not all teachers must become experts, foundational understanding and awareness among educators are vital.

This approach will steer Ghana towards an inclusive educational system where the needs of all students are acknowledged and addressed effectively.


There is no room for stagnation in a world that values diversity and inclusion.

Implementing mandatory dyslexia training for educators is a leap towards fostering an inclusive and prosperous Ghana where every child can shine.

Through collaborative efforts among the government, educational stakeholders and organisations such as the Africa Dyslexia Organisation, we can transition from aspiration to reality, illuminating a brighter, inclusive future for all Ghanaian children and the nation at large.

The writer is a Dyslexic & Executive Director of the African Dyslexia Organisation (ADO).


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