JUST IN: GMA Issues Warning on Intensified Harmattan Dust

JUST IN: GMA Issues Warning on Intensified Harmattan Dust

The Ghana Medical Association (GMA) has issued a statement indicating a heightened intensity of harmattan conditions across the country, attributed to dusty weather patterns.

Notably, the Association cited findings from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Meteorological Services confirming the escalation of dust levels and overall dry weather, significantly impacting public health with increased respiratory ailments.

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According to the GMA’s press release on Friday, February 9, individuals with pre-existing asthma and chronic respiratory conditions are particularly vulnerable to acute attacks or exacerbation of their conditions amidst these circumstances. Furthermore, the dusty atmosphere is anticipated to diminish visibility on roads, particularly during nocturnal hours.

The statement underscored the risk of dehydration due to heightened air dryness, while also emphasizing the increased likelihood of bushfire outbreaks in such arid conditions.

To mitigate these health risks, the GMA advised the public to wear protective face masks to minimize dust exposure, curtail outdoor activities—especially for children—and maintain adequate hydration by consuming water regularly throughout the day.

In addition to advocating for precautionary measures, the GMA cautioned individuals with asthma to ensure they have their inhalers and adhere to prescribed medications.

Moreover, prompt medical attention is recommended for anyone exhibiting symptoms of respiratory distress, such as coughing, difficulty breathing, or chest pain.

Motorists were urged to exercise caution, particularly on dusty roads and during nighttime travel, while the public was advised against activities that might trigger bushfires.

The GMA also recommended the watering of construction sites to mitigate dust emissions along roads undergoing development.

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