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Just In: Earth Tremor Rattles some Parts of Accra

Just In: Earth Tremor Rattles some Parts of Accra

Residents of Accra’s suburban areas, including Pokuase, Mayera, Adusah, Katapor, and surrounding environs, were taken by surprise as a minor earth tremor occurred around 7:31 am today, 12th November, 2023.

While seismic activities are relatively rare in this region, the tremor, though minor, caused a momentary sense of unease among the local population.

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Reports indicate that the tremor lasted for a few seconds, with some residents describing a slight shaking of buildings and rattling of windows. No significant damage has been reported so far, and there are no reports of injuries.

The Ghana Geological Survey Authority (GSSA) is yet to confirm the incident.

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