I’m not happy 62% of primary 2 pupils can’t read – Adutwum complains

450,000 Free Student Tablets ready for Distribution Next Week – Dr Yaw Adutwum

In the past decade, the percentage of primary 2 students who can read has increased from a mere 2% to 38%, according to Education Minister Yaw Osei Adutwum.

However, this still means that 62% of primary 2 pupils struggle with reading.

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Dr. Adutwum made this revelation during the launch of the National Education Leadership Institute in Takoradi. He noted, “In a 2015 test, only 2% of primary 2 students could read in this country. Subsequently, in 2022, the President allocated resources to assess every primary 2 student in the country using the National Standardized test.”

“The test results, now available, indicate that 38% of students can read. However, I’m not satisfied with this outcome. It also reveals that 62% cannot read, which is a cause for concern,” Dr. Adutwum emphasized.

He went on to stress the importance of nurturing a new generation of education leaders who prioritize learning outcomes and are dedicated to improving Ghana’s educational prospects.

Dr. Adutwum asserted, “We can no longer rely on the traditional apprenticeship-style leadership. We must expedite the process to replicate the success of Wesley Girls’ High School to achieve more effective school leadership. This is where the National Education Leadership Institute comes into play.”

He further emphasized, “While apprenticeship remains valuable, individuals must also study and comprehend what drives educational success in Ghana.

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