High Attrition Rate Puts Education at Risk: 10,000 Teachers Relocate to UK in 2023 – Registrar of the National Teaching Council (NTC)

NTC to Provide Training for More Than 3,400 Non-Professional Teachers - GA/R

The Registrar of the National Teaching Council (NTC), Dr. Christian Addai-Poku, has expressed grave concern about the high attrition rate among teachers, emphasizing that it poses a significant threat to the future of the nation’s education system.

Dr. Addai-Poku cited a recent example where over 16,000 Ghanaian teachers had applied for employment in the United Kingdom’s Department of Education earlier this year.

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By June 13, approximately 10,000 of these applicants, who held Ghana Teacher Licences, had been certified to work in the UK without undergoing any further assessment for qualified teacher status.

Speaking at the inauguration of a two-day symposium in Takoradi, Dr. Addai-Poku appealed to the government and all stakeholders to implement effective measures to address this situation and prevent the impending crisis.

The symposium, held ahead of this year’s Ghana Teacher Prize ceremony in the Western regional capital, brought together educators, academics, policymakers, and provided a platform for various agencies to engage participants on critical policy issues and showcase innovative practices in schools.

Dr. Addai-Poku acknowledged that although Ghana produced a significant number of qualified teachers annually, the high attrition rate resulted in an annual shortage of teachers across the country.

He commended all stakeholders in the education sector for their efforts in striving for quality education for the nation’s future leaders.

The NTC Registrar pledged to collaborate with local and international agencies willing to partner with them to enhance the training and professionalism of Ghanaian teachers, enabling them to contribute effectively to the nation’s economic transformation.

The Deputy Minister of Education in charge of TVET, Gifty Twum Ampofo, emphasized the relevance of this year’s Ghana Teacher Prize theme, “The teachers we need for the education we want: The global imperative to reverse the teacher shortage.” She highlighted the critical role of teachers in a world where knowledge acquisition requires constant verification and authentication of information. Teachers, she noted, shape the minds of the younger generation, foster critical thinking, and instill values and attitudes that transcend generations.

Professor Andy Ofori-Birikorang, a former Pro-Vice Chancellor of the University of Education, Winneba, underscored the invaluable role of teachers in the nation’s development agenda.

He emphasized that teachers are responsible for shaping society’s health, harmony, and prosperity, serving as architects and engineers of the collective societal future by instilling values and morals in the generations they educate.

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