GNAT Challenges the Appointment of Deans of Discipline in Schools by GES

Disagreement Arises Between GNAT President and Education Minister Over Teacher Flight and Education in Ghana

The Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) has criticized the appointment of deans of discipline in schools, considering it a deceptive move.

Although the aim is to promote student discipline, GNAT opposes this decision, arguing that there is no research to support its effectiveness in reducing indiscipline.

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Instead, the association proposes focusing on empowering guidance and counseling coordinators in schools and providing them with adequate resources.

They believe these coordinators should be equipped to handle disciplinary issues without the need for separate deans.

Mr. Christian Yaw Adinkrah, the chairman of GNAT’s Madina-Abokobi chapter in the Greater Accra Region, strongly disagrees with the Ghana Education Service’s (GES) decision. During an interview on Accra 100.5 FM on July 20, 2023, he stressed that the main priority should be ensuring sufficient resources to effectively run the schools. Implementing the dean of discipline proposal without proper support may not be feasible.

Mr. Adinkrah also highlighted the challenges faced by teachers in dealing with child rights issues, which can hinder their ability to discipline students effectively.

He believes that addressing resource shortages and motivating teachers should be the primary focus for the success of the government’s flagship Free Senior High Secondary School program.

In response to a recent increase in disciplinary issues across various institutions in the country, the GES issued a statement urging each school to appoint a Dean of Discipline as a matter of urgency.

They directed the Heads of Schools to conduct elections for these positions and submit the list of appointed deans to the Director-General by June 9, 2023.

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