Ghana’s Education System to Focus on Industry Requirements – Dr. Kojo Mensah – Abrampah

Ghana's Education System to Focus on Industry Requirements - Dr. Kojo Mensah - Abrampah

The Director General of the National Development Planning Commission (NDPC) has called for a revamp of Ghana’s education system to prioritize industry-specific skills. Dr. Kodjo Essiem Mensah-Abrampah believes that the current system has failed to adequately equip students with the necessary skills to meet industry standards, leading to high rates of unemployment in the country.

In a recent interview on PM Express Business Edition, he explained that the NDPC has partnered with select technical universities to implement a precision quality standard policy to train students for the job market.

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Dr. Mensah-Abrampah emphasized the need to focus on technical skills related to C-Tech and vocational technical engineering, which are currently in high demand in the job market. He also stressed the importance of changing students’ attitudes and mindsets to better align with industry expectations.

The private sector is looking for skilled individuals who can contribute to their activities, and those without the necessary skills become liabilities.

The NDPC’s policy includes identifying institutions that can serve as pilots for the practical implementation of the precision quality standard policy. The technical universities that have been working with the NDPC are producing graduates who are well-equipped for industrial activities.

Dr. Mensah-Abrampah hopes that the entire educational system in Ghana will be reformed to provide students with the skills that they need to succeed in the job market.


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