Ghana Aids Commission – Over 100,000 Unaware HIV Carriers Spreading the Virus

Bono Region records 844 new HIV infections

The Ghana Aids Commission has disclosed that more than 100,000 individuals in the country are carriers of HIV.

Shockingly, these carriers are unaware of their HIV status and unknowingly spreading the virus.

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In an interview, the Director General of the Commission, Dr Kyeremeh Atuahene, revealed that over 28% of people living with HIV remain undiagnosed due to not having undergone testing.

This accounts for approximately 100,000 people, and their lack of awareness about their status poses a significant risk to public health.

Dr Atuahene emphasized the importance of knowing one’s HIV status, as it significantly affects the success of treatment.

Waiting until the disease progresses to AIDS before seeking medical attention can lead to prolonged recovery and delays in strengthening the immune system.

To address this concerning issue, the Ghana Aids Commission has taken proactive measures to locate and treat these 100,000 individuals with HIV.

They have launched an aggressive HIV self-test campaign, making it easier for underserved communities to access testing services.

By bringing these services directly to people’s doorsteps, those who fear knowing their status can start the process and take appropriate actions based on their test results.

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