GES Promotional Examination Result Released, 31% Failed – To Check your Status

The Roles of School Improvement and Support Officers (SISOs) in GES

The recent promotional assessment for educators, administered by the Ghana Education Service (GES), has yielded its outcomes. The results reveal a success rate of 69% among those who took part in the February evaluation.

This indicates that 31% of the candidates fell short of meeting the necessary criteria for progression.

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Within the extensive cohort of 80,810 participants in the assessment, a significant 55,917 individuals achieved success, positioning themselves in the higher tiers of educational leadership.

The examination served as a pathway for aspiring individuals aiming for esteemed positions such as Deputy Director, Assistant Director I, Assistant Director II, and Principal Superintendent within the Deputy Director grade.

In an official statement, the GES communicated that candidates will be notified of their examination results through text messages.

“An SMS will be sent to all candidates who participated in the exams, indicating their success status. (Please be aware that the promotion website will not be accessible this year.) Official promotion letters will be issued in due course.”

During June of this year, out of 7,728 potential teachers who took the Ghana Teacher Licensure Examination (GTLE), only 1,277 managed to pass.

This accounted for 16.5% of the candidates who undertook the examination, introduced as a requirement to license teaching practitioners.

A pre-release interview with GTLE’s Registrar, Dr. Christian Addai-Poku, revealed that all candidates had taken the exam at least twice, with some attempting it as many as nine times.

The inaugural teacher licensure examination was conducted in September 2018.

The purpose of this examination is to enable eligible teachers to obtain a professional license and to attract outstanding recent graduates from universities and colleges of education who possess the necessary professional knowledge, skills, and attitudes required for effective teaching in schools.

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