GES Issues Warning to School Heads Over Unauthorized Money Collection

The Roles of School Improvement and Support Officers (SISOs) in GES

The Ghana Education Service (GES) has issued a stern warning to school administrators, admonishing them against the improper collection of funds from students without authorization.

This action comes in response to reports alleging that some principals of Senior High School and Senior High Technical School (SHS/SHTS) have been illicitly levying fees on final year students as part of the clearance process.

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In a statement released in Accra, the GES has underscored the illegality of such conduct and implored school leaders to immediately desist from this practice and refund any money acquired from the students. Furthermore, the statement explicitly states that any school principal found culpable of demanding unauthorized fees prior to signing clearance forms will face severe consequences.

Moreover, the GES has provided guidance to school administrators, urging them to adhere to established protocols when charging students for damage, loss, or theft of school property before granting them clearance.

They have also appealed to Regional Directors of Education to ensure rigorous compliance with this directive among all SHS/SHTS heads for the efficient administration of educational institutions.

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