GA West Municipal Dir. of Edu. – Emphasis on STEM Education in Basic Schools

GA West Municipal Dir. of Edu. - Emphasis on STEM Education in Basic Schools

Victor Noye Tawiah, the Director of Education for Ga West Municipal, is advocating for primary schools to prioritize the study of Science, Mathematics, Computer, and Engineering-related subjects.

During the grand finale of the 2024 GA West Municipal BSTEM Quiz Competition, Mr. Tawiah emphasized the urgent need to ignite students’ interest in these subjects in order to dispel existing apprehensions among learners.

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In his speech, Mr. Tawiah recognized the importance of Mathematics in daily life and underscored that improper teaching could lead to a fear of the subject.

He urged students to actively engage with Science and Math subjects and encouraged teachers to employ child-friendly teaching methods that students can easily comprehend.

Mr. Tawiah stressed the significance of cultivating teachers’ interest in these subjects through training to create a more positive learning experience for students.

Justice Yaw Amewugah, the STEM Coordinator of GA West Municipal Educational Directorate, echoed the sentiment that the study of Science and Mathematics should involve practical applications to capture the interests of pupils in primary schools.

He emphasized the need for practical applications in the learning process and appealed to the government to provide adequate materials to enhance the teaching and learning of Science and Math.

Cherryfield Montessori School emerged as the winner of the GA West Municipal BSTEM Quiz Competition, securing their victory for the third time with a score of 73 marks.

ST. Sylanus R.C Basic School 1 and Doblo Gonno Methodist Basic School were the closest contenders with scores of 39 and 31 marks, respectively.

A total of 118 basic schools, including 78 public basic schools and 40 private basic schools, participated in the BSTEM Quiz Competition within the GA West Municipality.

The event aimed to promote the importance of STEM subjects and encourage students to develop a keen interest in these fields.

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