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Fatal Boat Accident in Volta Lake Leaves Atleast Five Dead

Fatal Boat Accident in Volta Lake Leaves Atleast Five Dead

On Saturday, March 18, 2023, a tragic incident occurred in the Ada East District of the Greater Accra Region, where a boat carrying passengers capsized in the Volta Lake.

Reports indicate that at least five individuals lost their lives in the accident, which took place around 9 am.

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The passengers were reportedly on their way to Azizakpe, an over-bank community, from Azizanya for a funeral when the boat capsized allegedly due to strong winds.

According to a survivor, Gifty Mamle Agbasi, none of the passengers on the canoe were wearing life jackets, and there were no life jackets on board the boat.

She also mentioned that the canoe was carrying more passengers than it was supposed to, but the operator assured them that nothing would happen. She further noted that apart from two crates of drinks, there were no goods on board the boat.

Fortunately, Agbasi was rescued by some individuals who rushed in with canoes. However, the fate of the other passengers remains unknown.

More details regarding the incident are expected to be released soon.

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